About Us

MeteoSport is a Team of professionals having more than fifteen years’ experience in the environmental analysis of outdoor sports activities and in the development and analysis of atmospheric and oceanic models.
The expertise and skills of the MeteoSport Team, combined with the use of sophisticated computer technology, are able to provide highly-reliable, effective and easy to use weather forecasts and climatological analysis, essential in  setting up a winning strategy for the preparation and execution of sporting events. As an example, in the sport of sailing, the choice of the appropriate material for a given event is strongly related to the environmental characteristics of the racing area. Therefore a detailed environmental analysis of the racing course can assist in making  the right strategic decision about the sails and the setting of the boat. The same approach can be applied to a variety of outdoor sports such as rowing/sculling, cycling, horseback riding, alpine/downhill and cross country skiing, etc…
MeteoSport aims to be a reference for all outdoor sports stakeholders, providing 360 degree support in the following areas:

  • Technique and strategy
  • Effect of climate on the athlete performance
  • Organization and management of sporting events.

MeteoSport is integrated within the Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning of Turin (Italy) as a Research Unit for Athletic Performance Analysis

This innovative sector conducts research and analyses of the natural environment in which sports activities take place and the relative meteorological and climatic implications with the aim  to optimize the connection of mind, body, environment and materials.

For this reason can we speak of Meteorology applied to sailing and outdoor sports such as performance at 360 °? Of course!

Especially for sailing, with more than fifteen years of experience in the most important regattas at both the international and national level, MeteoSport is able to provide analyses, detailed studies and operational weather forecasts for inshore and offshore races. Moreover, the MeteoSport staff includes skilled strategists and performance analysts able to provide particularly valuable on-board assistance.

Meteosport has also gained experience in environmental analysis with application to winter sports, especially alpine and nordic skiing, associating the meteorological and climatological forecast assessment with an assessment of the interaction between the  environment, the human body, and sports equipment.

Since winter sports are frequently held in extreme weather conditions, an in-depth knowledge of the racing venue from the environmental point of view, can  provide useful and sometimes indispensable information for  planning training activities and choosing  materials, such as skis and boots and/or functional clothing.

It is therefore crucial to have the tools that MeteoSport can provide, needed in the planning of  the most appropriate race strategy and in choosing the right materials both for achieving  the best performance as well as for providing the  thermal and ergonomic comfort required to obtain the best results in athletic performance and for  practicing the activity in secure conditions..

The MeteoSport Team has also worked as the official weather service or as a research institute for many other outdoor sporting events in which environmental parameters have a significant impact on the final performance of the athletes. Among these activities worth mentioning are:  the meteorological service for the Organizing Committees of the 13th World Swimming Championships – Rome 2009; the meteorological service for the World Pentathlon Championship – Rome 2012;  environmental analysis of the racing areas of the Road Cycling World Championship – Florence 2013;  and  environmental analysis of the Eton Dorney Rowing regattas in the London 2012 Olympic Games. A successful collaboration was also achieved with the Italian Olympic Ski Team.